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Who We Are

Saint Cooks

We’re a couple of married ‘Saints’ – people who are born or from St Helena Island.  We want to share and celebrate St Helena food with you and the world.

We love our food – the smell of a pot of Plo, the sweet taste of a coconut finger, food has the power to transport you to happy memories.  As a community we learn from each other how to cook the tasty dishes of the island, because on St Helena we believe in feeding you until you are fill, and then just a bit more.  But no recipe is final, no absolute version.  Everyone has their own specific way to cook their favourite dishes.  Whether it is adding a secret ingredient that your Mum used, or twigging the ingredients as they became available.  St Helena has special and unique food.

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Our Purpose

We have started ‘The Saint Cooks’ because we want to share the food of St Helena Island with the world and how to make it.  And because we want to empower the everyday to be magnificent.  To have a place to share what makes a dish or recipe special to you. We want to celebrate the ‘Saint’ community and spirit through its food.  It’s about your story, your memories and your food.  The sense of pride and accomplishment you get when you make a dish you’ve never made before and it tastes amazing is truly a simple pleasure.  Share with us what happened when you made Plo, or about how you always helped your Mum make fishcakes, we want to celebrate the magnificent awesomeness of food and the power of its story.  Anyone can be a ‘Saint Cook’

Robin & Emma-Jane

The Saint Cooks

Pumpkin Pudding St Helena Island
St Helena Island Plo
St Helena Pea Soup

St Helena Recipes

Learn about and how to make some of the most delicious, adaptable, and easy to make recipes in the world.