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Biggest Coconut Finger Ever

We’ve made the worlds biggest coconut finger” EVER!  Made for the St Helena Sports Day 2019 in Reading to be given away in a draw on Sunday afternoon.  

We decided that for it to be called a ‘true’ coconut fingers, the cake needed to be one complete cake. Not pieced together with multiple cakes. Baked in a 5lb loaf tin to make the familiar coconut finger shape.  It took two and a half hours to bake, and over 4 hours to complete! Using our own coconut finger recipe as a guide, we quadrupled all the ingredients and did practice bakes to get the mixture, decoration, bake time and temperature just right.

The idea to make the worlds biggest coconut finger came after our St Helena’s day celebrations in Bristol.  We were really looking forward to Reading sports, but we didn’t just want turn up and sell Saint Cooks goodies. We love to celebrate saint food in different ways, and what better way than being a little bit silly and having some fun showing off the greatest cake in the world super sized.

We decided that we would give it away by asking people to take a selfie and post it online for a chance to be entered into the draw.  Thank you to everyone who took part on the day. And a massive congratulations to Georgia Martin and her boys Rex and Buster for winning the cake!!

Some images of from the day.

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