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St Helena Distillery - The most remote distillery in the world

The most remote distillery in the world, the St Helena Distillery is one of St Helena’s secrets.  Owned and run by head distiller Paul Hickling, it has being crafting exceptional smooth spirits since 2016. Using German-made Holstein spirit distilling equipment, Paul primarily creates a selection of premium drinks known as "The spirit of the Saints" which are available to buy.

Watch below as we explore the distillery, then indulge in a tasting session with Paul. Let's delve into the unique and distinct spirits from the St Helena Distillery:

Below are the descriptions of the various spirits available from the St Helena Distillery.

Tungi - St Helena Distillery - Spirit of the Saints
Tungi Spirit


A cactus pear spirit, Tungi (pronounced Toon Gee) is a clear smooth spirit, refreshing and palatable drink full of flavour whilst retaining robust power and alcoholic strength. It is made from the prickly or cactus pears which Saints call Tungi, plants which were originally brought to the island by the colonial ivory traders from East Africa in the 1850′s. Three varieties of Tungi cactus now grow wild and organically on the dry coastal regions of the island.

The spirit was first developed on St Helena as ‘prickly pear whisky’ from the 1850, but now using the most modern distilling techniques and a blend of two principal varieties of Tungi, Paul has produced the optimum flavours. Ideal for straight shot-drinking, cocktails or paired with lemonade.

White Lion Rum - St Helena Distillery - Spirit of the Saints
White Lion Rum

White Lion Spiced Rum

White Lion Spiced Rum is an authentic homage to the favoured liquor of the Seventeenth Century sailors who first combined pure white rum and the exotic spices of the Orient with which they had become uniquely familiar. Named to commemorate the island’s celebrated ‘sunken treasure’ shipwreck, when the Dutch vessel ‘Witte Leeuw’, (White Lion) sunk in James Bay in 1613 after a brief but spectacular naval battle with the Portuguese.

Sip it over ice, or best enjoyed with coke. Called a shipwreck, spiced rum and coke is a favourite on St Helena enjoyed and available across the island.

Midnight Mist Coffee Liqueur  - St Helena Distillery - Spirit of the Saints
Midnight Mist Coffee Liqueur

Midnight Mist Coffee Liqueur

Midnight Mist is an exquisitely smooth coffee flavour-infused liqueur. Midnight Mist Coffee Liqueur was developed exclusively on St Helena using green-tipped bourbon Arabica coffee grown with seed originally brought from the Yemen in 1733. Which is one of the best coffees in the world, and for Midnight Mist the beans are deeply dark roasted and percolated before being blended with St Helena Rum to give a unique and satisfying coffee liqueur experience.

Jamestown Gin  - St Helena Distillery - Spirit of the Saints
Jamestown Gin

Jamestown Gin

Experience the world's only gin crafted from rare Bermuda Juniper. Jamestown Gin embodies smoothness and subtlety, perfect for savoring neat or with a splash of tonic.

Immerse yourself in the flavors of St Helena with these distinctive spirits from St Helena Distillery. Discover the spirit of this remote paradise through every sip.

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