Bursting out of the South Atlantic Ocean, literally in the middle of nowhere is St Helena Island.
St Helena Island vector
Half way between Brazil and Namibia, jagged taupe cliffs rise out of a cobalt sea.

Waves crash against inaccessible coves and pebble beaches. Seagulls circle searching for a catch.
Valleys formed centuries ago when the Mid-Atlantic Ridge erupted into life, flow down into the sea from all directions. Where now a lush green heart welcomes you with a cool warm embrace. There is a gentle breezy rhythm to daily life, where smiles and a friendly ‘How you’ awaits. 😁
Heartshaped waterfall St Helena Island
This is St Helena Island.
This is home.
It is one of the most remote settled islands anywhere in the world. Home to about 4,500 people, who all live within an area just 10 miles by 5 miles across. Surrounded by sea on all sides, anyone from St Helena is affectionally called a Saint. And Saints can be found in all corners of the world. So there are a few more of us spread across that globe, than actually living on the island.

We don’t know everybody personally, but we know off everybody. On the island when we pass each other in the street – you say a quick 'alright Luvie', or stop for a yarn. When driving everyone gives the passing driver a wave, it’s rude not to. And off island (say in the UK for example), if we spot each other across the street, there is a quick shout to each other, then we stop for a yarn and a catchup. We’re a friendly and welcoming community.

The island itself is a sub-tropical paradise of spectacular contrasting environments. There is a rich diversity of built and natural wonder. Many of these wonders unique just to St Helena and found nowhere else in the world.

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What makes St Helena so special...
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