Boiled Pudding recipe St Helena Island
Boiled Pudding recipe St Helena Island

About us

He is from town, while she calls Half Tree Hola home. He loves football and ice cream. She loves crafting and a good margarita. Together the warm aroma of Plo, or the delicate sweet soft crumble of a Coconut Finger transports us back to our Mum’s kitchens. We would watch them magically conjure our favourites using their own special herbs or ingredients passed down from Grandma. We’re married now, trying to make our favourites just like they did.

Why we started The Saint Cooks

‘Cause we love sharing St Helena with whom ever we meet. Saints are known for our friendliness and our loud welcoming nature. Each year we celebrate St Helena’s Day, preparing vast amounts of beloved delicacies like Curry Puffs, Pumpkin Pudding, Fudge or Fishcakes. We, Saints love to feed you until you’re stuffed, and then just a bit more. Our aim is to share our community’s warmth with you and the world, celebrating it’s simple wholesome food that unites people.

What we’re hoping to achieve

We learned to cook from our mothers, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins. Every Saint has their own twist on these recipes. Good friends will swear down blind that so-n’-so makes the best Fishcakes, whereas another will say, yeah they’re alright, but not as good as so-’n-so’s. This can go on for hours, years even if it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other. We want to celebrate this passion and joy of Saint cooking. Our goal is to record our classic recipes and share them. To provide the foundation of how easy and tasty Saint food is. For you to try it for yourself.

We want you to take our recipes, try them, and make them your own. All our recipes are freely available. We’ve tested them a lot, to ensure they are straightforward to make without complicated ingredients. Anyone can make them. We hope you will give them a try, and become a Saint Cook!
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