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About St Helena Food

St Helena Pumpkin pudding
Boiled Pudding
Pea Soup

St Helena food is so unique and tasty because it’s a fusion food.

Flexible enough to be adapted depending to individual tastes or the availability of ingredients.  Influenced by British, European, Chinese, Indian and African cuisine, combined to create common Saint dishes.  St Helenian cooking is all about putting your own twist on a dish.

We love fish, fresh from the sea of course – making possibly the most delicious Fishcakes in the world.  We love mixing spices and making a local dish called Plo  – a combination of curry and rich cooked in the same pot, at the same time.  Similar to Spanish Paella, but more Curry like.  Made with meat, fish or just vegetables, it’s hugely adaptable to your personal taste. It’s a personal favourite.

Saints also have a bit of a sweet tooth, with a delicious local specialty – Coconut Fingers.  These are long, finger-shaped Madeira cakes dipped in icing and rolled in coconut.  We love these!  We also enjoy a good bit of Pumpkin pudding.  Some fresh Pumpkin, mixed with dried fruit, flour, eggs and nutmeg, then baked.  Lovely with a cup of tea.

Being a British overseas territory, we have a fondness for a good Sunday roast.  However, we like to have our roasts with some curry and rice.  Influenced by Indian curry from South Africa, Saints just love their own type of curry.  Made to a different texture than traditional Indian curry, it’s a staple Island dish.

Other popular food on the island include Black Pudding (still made the traditional way with blood), Pumpkin Stew, Corned beef Hash, fried Yam (Robin loves this, but it’s a Chinese variety and so hard to find in the UK),  or just a nice piece of fried fresh fish.

It doesn’t require any special ingredients.  Can be made to your personal taste.  Can easily feed a family or friends. We want to share and celebrate St Helena food with you and the world.  Just come back and tell us about it.  It is a food that you will enjoy.  Give it a try.

Happy eating ?

Robin & Emma-Jane

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