Milk Lollies

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, is
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Milk Lollies

St Helena Milk Ice lollies are a childhood treat that most ALL kids from St Helena (of a certain age) will recognise and reminisce about at some point. Across the Island, lollies are made by numerous people, sold directly from their kitchen windows and front door verandas. Some districts with multiple homes selling these sticky sweet treats.

Where I grew up in Half Tree Hollow, Aunty Cavel was the closest. Vanilla, Mint, Strawberry, caramel, coconut, coffee and Chocolate; Aunty Cavel made the most delicious lollies and I loved them all. She is solely responsible for introducing me to and igniting my love of coffee at a very early age.

It was where I spent most of my pocket money, buying Milk lollies after school. Always two at a time – one for me and one for my best friend and pet dog, Sandy. We would sit side by side on the curb just below my house in the afternoon sunshine. Me, with my coffee milk lolly and Sandy licking a vanilla one out of my very sticky hands. I now know that Dogs shouldn’t really eat that amount of dairy products but I was just a kid and loved to share treats with her.

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Makes about
6 Lollies
Makes about
6 Lollies

1 tin Evaporated milk (410g)

120 ml Water

3 tbsp Caster sugar

2 tsp Essence - vanilla, strawberry, caramel, chocolate, mint or banana are Island favourites

1-2 drops Food colouring



Bowl, Wooden Spoon, Moulds



  1. Stir all ingredients except food colouring until all the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Add food colouring a few drops at a time till the desired colour is achieved.
  3. Decanter into moulds or reused yogurt pots and place in the freezer to set overnight.

TIP: Half set the lollies for roughly an hour before adding the lolly sticks, to ensure they stay upright and in place.  Before returning them back to the freezer to completely set overnight.

This milk ice lolly recipe is based on the recipe from Sharon Henry at Plantation Stables who kindly and generously showed me how she made hers. Ensuring that the tradition and love of these milky treats keep on going for sweet-tooths everywhere.

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