St Helena Syrup

Takes about
1.5 days
, is
Super easy
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Refreshing treat
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St Helena Syrup

A childhood favourite from when there wasn't a great range of squash and cordial juices being imported into St Helena. This is no longer the case, now you can get all different kinds of juices, but when we were kids there only really was lime cordial and every rarely very expensive ribena. But there was always some homemade syrup on the go. Whether at a kids party, for your school drink, or as a ice lollie (this syrup makes exceptionally good ice lollies), it came in a rainbow of flavours. Strawberry and lemon being the most popular flavours. Sweet, and smooth when mixed with water, it gives you a warm sensation served either warn or cold.

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Makes about
3-4 litres of cordial
Makes about
3-4 litres of cordial

2.5 Kilo granulated sugar

3 litres water + Additional 4 litres of water for the boiling process

40-60ml lemon essence

3 capfuls of Red or Yellow food colouring (use the cap of the essence bottle)

2 level tsp citric acid

A Large Pot and empty bottles



Large pot, Clean bottles (enough to hold 4 litres), Wooden Spoon, Jug



  1. Add the sugar and 3 litres of water to your pot.
  2. Stir to dissolve as you bring to the boil.
  3. Continue to boil the mixture for 3 hours, stirring occasionally. Add more water every half hour or so to keep the level topped up. (Over the 3 hours, you will top by 4 litres.) The syrup is boiled for this long to ensure it doesn't recrystallise once it cools.
  4. After 3 hours boiling, leave the syrup to cool completely overnight
  5. Next day: dissolve the critic acid with a little boiled water.
  6. Add critic acid mixture to the sugar mix.
  7. Add colouring and essence and stir.
  8. Bottle in clean bottles and use as a cordial or mixer syrup. The diluted syrup also makes delicious Ice-lollies.

Making the syrup

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