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Where is St Helena

St Helena Island is located in the middle of South Atlantic Ocean.  1,200 miles from the South-West coast of Africa and 1,800 miles from South America.  Home to about 4,500 people it is 47 square miles in size and one of the remotest settled islands in the world.

A sub-tropical paradise, it is also one of the most spectacular places in terms of contrasting environments. It has a uniquely rich diversity of heritage-based attractions, both built and natural.  St Helena offers many amazing things to see and do.  Be it visiting the Georgian town to the rugged coastline, from the rolling hills to the stark yet striking geology at Sandy Bay.
The Barn St Helena Island
Looking across from the Peaks to the Barn
James Bay St Helena Island
Looking up Jamestown

History St Helena

Discovered by the Portuguese Admiral Joao da Nova on the 21st May, 1502. He landed where the capital Jamestown stands today and built a chapel there. For over eighty years the Portuguese kept their discovery a secret. It then became a Dutch colony, before becoming a British possession (initially under the East India Company then the Crown). It was a strategically important port of call during the British Empire, until the opening of the Suez Canal and the advent of steamships.

St Helena’s remote location meant it was used as a place of exile for key prisoners during British rule.  Prisoners includes some 6,000 Boers, King Dinuzulu, Bahraini princes and, of course, Napoleon, who died on St Helena. The island also played an important role during the abolition of slavery. Several buildings in the islands capital are listed for their historic importance and Main Street in Jamestown has been described as ‘one of the best examples of unspoiled Georgian architecture anywhere in the world. Today it is a British Overseas Territory, under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the UK.  Whereby St Helena has a UK appointed Governor as the head of government with a locally elected Legislative Council.

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Dianas Peak St Helena Island
St Helena Diana’s Peak National Forest. Also known as the cloud forest.
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Plo recipe St Helena Island

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