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Eating Tamlets ( Tamarind )

Eating Tamlets ( Tamarind )

Eating Tamlets (or Tamarind as they are know elsewhere in the world) is just something you do growing up in town on St Helena. They are a shelled fruit that grows freely, which no one really paysmuch attention to.  The tree is just there providing the most wonderful fruit for you to gorge yourself on.  And feast we would. Again and again.  It was the fruit of our youth.  We would eat until our tongue split because they were so sour.  And then you would eat some more.

I remember we would ‘steal’ them from the Nurse’s Quarters at the top of Jamestown.  We had to climb over the wall to get at the tree.  However, as the tree grew over the years, it grew over the wall and you would have to just reach up to get them.  Or climb thorough the fence at the bottom of the garden.  Much easier that climbing the wall.  It was much more straight forward for Emma-Jane to get some.  A tree grew in her Granny’s front yard.  All she had to do was visit her Granny.  In fact as you grow into an adult, you ignore them because you eat so many as a child.  You walk over them on your way being busy.  However, then you move to the UK and you don’t see them.  You miss them.

This is the first time we’re had any fresh Tamlets in years!  OMG! Did we enjoy them!  Took as back to being kids.  In this video we explain what Tamlets (Tamarind) is.  How you eat them, and why they are so good.  If you see them somewhere, try them and enjoy!!!

If you’re looking for a Tamlet (Tamarind) recipe, we made Jam from these for Hertzoggies. Which is a jam tart covered with a coconut favoured meringue.  Delicious!!! The jam recipe is a family special from Emma-Jane.


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