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The Coconut Finger Challenge

Coconut Fingers is the greatest cake in the world!

As part of our St Helena’s Day celebrations this year we did something very special.  Something which has never been done before.  We had our very first Coconut Finger Challenge! How many Coconut Fingers could be eaten within one minute.

We couldn’t find a record anywhere for this.  Whoever ate the most Coconut Fingers in a minute would be the world record holder.  How cool is that!

The thing is Coconut Fingers are harder to eat than they appear.  While the sponge is deliciously soft, the coating of Icing sugar and Coconut makes it difficult to eat fast.  Therefore, It was fun to watch when people realised this and struggle to eat them quickly.

Watch the video below to see how many were eaten and who set the world record for the most Coconut Fingers eaten in a minute – the Coconut Finger Challenge.

fyi…..the record for the most Coconut Fingers eaten in a minute is 3. With the winner of our Coconut Finger challenge being our friend JP.  Congrats!!!

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