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Cost of traveling to St Helena

People always love our stories about St Helena. Once we tell them where it is, and you can now fly to there, the next question is always what is the cost of traveling to St Helena…….so we made the video above explaining how much it cost us for our visit this year.

We hope that by being open and talking about the hushed subject of money, it will be helpful to anyone thinking about visiting the island. Please share with anyone you know who is interested in planning a trip of a lifetime. At the end of the video we share some of the amazing things we did whilst on Island. We know traveling anywhere can be expensive, but a trip to St Helena is totally worth it!!!!

Here are edited extracts from the video above with all the relevant information about how to visit the island and the associated costs.

  • We took a direct overnight flight from Heathrow in London.  This was because of our family situation but you can take a connecting flight which might be cheaper.  Our direct return flights for 2 people costs £1,900
  • You basically have to get yourself to Johannesburg – OR Tambo International Airport
  • Flights to St Helena fly out in the morning – around 9am or so. So we had an overnight stay in an Airport hotel.  We saw lots of others people traveling back to St Helena doing the same.  An overnight stay at an airport hotel is between £80-100 per night.  Do be aware we have another overnight stay at the same hotel on the return journey as the return flight from St Helena arrives back in Johannesburg late in the afternoon, early evening.
  • The flight from Johannesburg to St Helena is 6 hours, with a stop off in Walvis Bay, Namibia to refuel.  This is incase the plane is unable to land in St Helena and needs to turn back.  The return flight from St Helena to Johannesburg is shorter at 4 hours.  Be sure to bring your own entertainment as there isn’t any on the plane.
  • The cost of a return flight for 2 people to St Helena is about £1,600.
  • Flights can be booked with Airlink in South Africa
  • We stayed at The Chalet in Jamestown, which is a self-catering accommodation.  Self-catering can range between £25-70 per night.  Hotels are also available and range from £100+ per night.  There are bed and breakfast options as well.  We could recommend contacting the St Helena Tourist Office for the most up-to-date accommodation information.  They are super friendly and helpful in working out the best options.
  • Car hire on the island is between £12-15 per day.  While there is public transport on the island, and you can just about walk everywhere, have a car if you can, as it will give you the most flexibility in getting around to visit everything.
  • Food is a contentious issue on the island.  Food in the shops can be higher that you expect because of the importing, however there are plenty of options so you will most likely be ok.  But be aware the Island has its own rhythm so places might not be open when you think.  It is best to always check in the day if you would like to visit a place in the evening as they might be closed.  So for eating out we would say its about £10-30 per day, of course depending on what you have.
  • Excluding any accommodation, car hire, food costs etc, we could advise that the cost of traveling to St Helena is between £3,500 – £4,000 for 2 people traveling from the UK.
  • For a visit once all the other costs are included, for 2 people between £4,500 – £5,000
  • It is a one in a lifetime trip that is worth it!  Please watch the video to see more of St Helena and all the things we did while we were there.  It is an amazing place!!
  • For more detailed information and help on how to visit the island we advise checking with the St Helena Tourist Office They are on island and will have the most up-to-date information.

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