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Stories about Pumpkin Pudding

melts in the mouth

2 Stories


Story by
Emma-Jane Richards


Pumpkin Pudding was always something I seemed to have when visiting family and friends houses and was always a great treat now and again.  Mum preferred to make pumpkin fritters at home so I always preferred them  hot from the pan versus the cool set slices or squares pumpkin pudding is cut into.  It’s funny I have made pumpkin fritters dozens of times but only made a batch of pudding for the very first time for our family and friends at last year’s St Helenian’s Day.  I’d forgotten how good it tastes and now love a nice cup of hot tea and a slice or two from time to time.


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Story by
Robin Richards

Pumpkin Pudding is filled with nostalgia for me.  Going to see ‘old’ family relatives with my Grandpa, or any older person really, they would always have some Pumpkin Pudding to go with a cup of tea.  As a kid I wasn’t a huge fan of Pumpkin (I’ve grown into the taste) so didn’t fully appreciate its soft sweet taste until later in life.  Now whenever I’m lucky enough to enjoy a piece, it transports be back to those kitchen tables.


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Image:   James Bay, St Helena Island