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Facts about St Helena Island

Discover amazing facts about what makes St Helena so special.

Home to the oldest living land animal in the world

Named Jonathan the tortoise.  He is 188 years old.  Lives at Plantation House with 3 other tortoises Emily, David and Frederik.  Loves to pose for photos.  Learn more about Jonathan

Has one of the most expensive Coffees in the world

Handpicked, slow roasted for a smooth floral cup with a chocolatey aftertaste.  Made using globally endangered Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica Coffee.  The coffee strain remains pure and unchanged since first imported in 1733. Learn more about St Helena Coffee 

Can swim with Whale Sharks

One of the best places in the world to see the majestic Whale Sharks. They visit St Helena from January to March during the year. Only place in the world where humans have seen mating Whale Sharks.  Learn more about St Helena’s Whale Sharks.

Has over 500 species of flora, fauna, invertebrates & fish not found anywhere else

Includes 30 endemic flowering plants, grasses, ferns and hybrids. 455 endemic invertebrates, 10 endemic fish, and 1 endemic land bird. All living within a island only 47 sq miles wide.  Learn more about St Helena’s biodiversity

Napoleon Bonaparte was a prisoner on St Helena and died there

Exiled to the island in 1815 after he lost the Battle of Waterloo. Imprisoned on island, mostly at Longwood House until his death in 1821. The places where he stayed, and his grave, are now museums you can visit. Learn more about Napoleon on St Helena

St Helena is home to around only 4,500 people

People from St Helena are called ‘Saints’. We’re multi-ethnic, descended from Europeans, African Slaves and Chinese. With an estimated 20-30,000 ‘Saints’ spread around the world.  Learn more about ‘Saints’

Has the oldest Anglican Church in the Southern Hemisphere

Called St James Church. Built in 1774, it has remained almost unchanged since then. With an Anglican Church being in this area since 1659.  Learn more about St James Church

It's first inhabitant is said to be the main inspiration for Robinson Crusoe

He was a Portuguese soldier named Fernão Lopes.  He lived alone on St Helena for 30 years, with a cockerel as his only friend.  Learn more about Fernão Lopes

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