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Stories about Curry & Rice

Lovely jubbly

2 Stories


Story by
Emma-Jane Richards


No outdoor event was complete without Plo’. Mummy and Aunties cooking fish plo’ in a massive silver pot over a makeshift fire balanced on jagged rocks at Lemon Valley or piece bacon Plo’ cooked on raised stones and an old iron grate on the dry yellow grass at Horse Pasture during the Easter holidays camping.  At Francis Plain served up from the boot of your car at school sports days or best of all down the Seaside with your friends after a night out.


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Story by
Robin Richards

Curry and Rice is one of those dishes that I don’t have a clear early memory of. because it was always present at any occasion.  A Sunday Roast wasn’t complete without some Curry, or at Christmas dinner.  Depending on who was making it, you would have a clear idea if you were going to enjoy it that day or not.  Each person would make it just the way they liked it.  Some liked it dry – so you could really taste the spice.  Others like it a bit more sloppy – so you have a nice bit of sauce. All ways of making it – delicious and enjoyable.  It also meant that one person’s Curry was an event to look forward to.

My favourite way to have Curry, is a beef Curry, a little on the sloppy side (I like the extra sauce for the rice) with some egg.  Mix in some cut up hard boiled eggs at the end – wonderfully tasty!.


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Image:   James Bay, St Helena Island