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Stories about Coconut Fingers


2 Stories


Story by
Emma-Jane Richards


When I think about Coconut Fingers  I think of two things; weddings and My Nanny Lillian.  Weddings because there were always coconut fingers served at weddings and after you ate your weight in pineapple and cheese on sticks and curry puffs, coconut fingers were the best thing ever at a wedding.  They remind me of my Nanny because she would make dozens and dozens of them in her little kitchen to sell at the Half Tree Hollow Community Centre at Saturday night dances back in the day when everyone you knew went to dances were bands played the Boston and you got to have a good ole’ swing out..


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Story by
Robin Richards


The most delicious cake delight in the world!  Let me tell you why.  All sides of the cake are covered – meaning you get some icing with every bite.  The contrast of textures ensures an interesting mouthful – the softness of the sponge against the rougher coconut, all held together by the smoothness of the icing.  It melts in your mouth as you enjoy it with any drink or just by itself.  Can still remember some I had once as a kid, made by a friend’s Gran, it was like eating ice cream they way they melted in my mouth.

We made them at a Saint themed event for friend’s in the UK a few years ago. Now they refuse to come to any similar themed event without the promise of Coconut Fingers. They might require some effort to make, but damn it is worth it. So worth it!


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Image:   James Bay, St Helena Island