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Tag: St Helena Island

Napoleon's delight

Napoleon’s delight

Napoleon’s delight It’s the semi finals!!!  And it's French Patisserie week! Alongside semi-finalists, Ruby, Rahul, Briony and Kim-Joy we have been baking our little hearts out and made, hands down, our best showstopper to date! Our Napoleon’s delight cakes are a celebration of St Helena Island’s best known inhabitat and
Stuffed Mackerel Danish

No Fishy Business

No Fishy Business Our artistic licence membership cards were pulled out once again this week to adapt the Bake-off theme of Danish week to a St Helenian inspired creation.   St Helenian cuisine only really does one type of pastry, our beloved curry puff, so when the theme was announced,

Pimpin’ up ya Pastry

Pimpin’ up ya Pastry Pastry week has arrived and ohhh my days, have we baked up a doozy this week.   A little jam tart, decadent, morrish and so beautifully pimped up some might say it makes regular tarts look plain and boring. Crowned in a fabulous coconut meringue,  the
emerald isle trifle

A Trifling Time

A Trifling Time Week 4 of our epic bake-along with the Great British Bake Off has us tackling Dessert week. Our artistic licence platinum membership cards out again in full force, we brazenly took the theme and applied liberal lashing of cream and custard to create a twist on the very

One year anniversary

One year of Saint Cooks! On the anniversary of what has been a year of learning for us, we’re made a list of what we’re learned. Do the things which you most enjoy. We still don’t know what we’re doing. And it’s ok. Need to be comfortable in front of
Jonathan Bread

Better than sliced bread

Better than sliced bread With biscuit and cake week now under (or bulging over) our belts, we got out the flour and dusted down our kitchen worktop ready for our biggest baking challenge to date. I’m not going to lie, Robin and I were a smidge nervous about week three’s
Chocolate Eggless Cake

Having our cake and eating it

Having our cake and eating it The first episode of the GBBO season 9 done and truly sugar dusted. The credits hadn’t even began rolling before we had started planning our bake along for week two. This week’s challenge is Cake Week — Whoooo!! And we have decided to make Chocolate Eggless

That takes the biscuit

That takes the biscuit The Great British Bake Off Season 9 is back!! Inspiring home cooks up and down the nation to grease those cake tins, get out a big wooden spoon and whip up something delicious for 10 glorious spongy sweet weeks. We are big fans of the show,
The Saint Cooks

St Helena’s Day 2018

St Helena’s Day 2018 The 21st of of May each year is an important day for us. Yes, it is the anniversary of discovering St Helena in 1502, however, now more importantly it is the day we invite all of our friends to celebrate with us. We cook a whole
RMS St Helena

RMS St Helena

A love letter to the RMS St Helena We love the RMS St Helena! We love the sight of her anchored in James Bay. The meal chimes for lunch and dinner, but never breakfast. The gentle engine hum sending you off to sleep. The daily newsletter slid under your cabin