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Bon appétit Napoléon Bonaparte St Helena Island Bicentenary

Bon appétit Napoléon Bonaparte

Bon appétit Napoléon Bonaparte Much has been written about Napoleon Bonaparte's exile and death on St Helena Island. Today marks the 200th anniversary and bicentenary of his death on 5th May 1821. Two hundred years on, and the interest in his life has remained strong.  His military campaigns, political prowess
Bristol Library Lunchtime Lecture

Bristol Library Lunchtime Lecture

 Bristol Library Lunchtime Lecture We had the pleasure of giving a talk about St Helena as a guest of Bristol Central Library for one of their Lunchtime Lectures.  We talked for about 45 mins sharing how special and unique St Helena is, and at the end we shared some
Where is St Helena Island

Where is St Helena

Where is St Helena We are often asked Where is St Helena ?? and love telling the story. So we decided to make a short video showing where St Helena is, how to get there and why you want to go. Measuring just 47 square miles or just 10 x
Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

Curried Deviled Eggs Our final recipe to add some St Helena favour to your christmas parties is a classic all the way from Emma-Jane's childhood.  Deviled Eggs! A easy party classic that you can put your own twist on, we're added a touch of curry to ours to reflect the
Tuna Puddings recipe

Tuna Puddings

 Tuna Puddings This is our second recipe to add some St Helena favour to your christmas party.  We have given the world's greatest fishcake a festive twist to create a savour treat.  Inspired by christmas puddings, we have created a tuna pudding. Using the classic fishcake recipe (can see
Tropical Mince Pies

Tropical Mince Pies

Tropical Mince Pies As its Christmas time we wanted to create some festive treats but to put a St Helena twist on them.  This is the first of 3 recipes we came up with to add a bit of St Helena to your Christmas parties. We always have some mince
Cost of traveling to St Helena

Cost of traveling to St Helena

Cost of traveling to St Helena People always love our stories about St Helena. Once we tell them where it is, and you can now fly to there, the next question is always what is the cost of traveling to St we made a video explaining how much it
saint cooks pop up ktchen

Bristol Pop Up Kitchen

Bristol Pop Up Kitchen In October we set up our first ever Saint Cooks Pop up Kitchen in Bristol! Taking part in the local community events in our adopted city Bristol has always been a treat for us. It's important to take part and get to know the people who
St Helena Fishcakes

Making Fishcakes with Ettie

Making Fishcakes with Ettie During a recent visit to the Island, we had a lovely afternoon making yummy fishcakes with the lovely Ettie Benjamin.  Ettie cooks for the Governor of St Helena at Plantation House, and we're very grateful to her for sharing her recipe and showing us how to
Biggest coconut finger

Biggest Coconut Finger Ever

Biggest Coconut Finger EVER! We've made the worlds biggest coconut finger” EVER!  Made for the St Helena Sports Day 2019 in Reading to be given away in a draw on Sunday afternoon.   We decided that for it to be called a 'true' coconut fingers, the cake needed to be one