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Bon appétit Napoléon Bonaparte St Helena Island Bicentenary

Bon appétit Napoléon Bonaparte

Bon appétit Napoléon Bonaparte Much has been written about Napoleon Bonaparte's exile and death on St Helena Island. Today marks the 200th anniversary and bicentenary of his death on 5th May 1821. Two hundred years on, and the interest in his life has remained strong.  His military campaigns, political prowess
Napoleon's delight

Napoleon’s delight

Napoleon’s delight It’s the semi finals!!!  And it's French Patisserie week! Alongside semi-finalists, Ruby, Rahul, Briony and Kim-Joy we have been baking our little hearts out and made, hands down, our best showstopper to date! Our Napoleon’s delight cakes are a celebration of St Helena Island’s best known inhabitat and