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Tag: Food

movable Feasts

Movable Feasts – Supper with Strangers

Movable Feasts - Supper with Strangers It’s always a lovely feeling when you discover something new, especially when it revolves around food. So when I received an out-of-the-blue invitation to take part in the neighbourhood initiative called “movable feast” my curiosity was spiked. So what is a movable feast? I
Saint Cooks WTM event

Investing in St Helena, one cake at a time

Investing in St Helena, one cake at a time We are proud and excited to have been this year's official caterers for the Saint Diaspora networking event by Enterprise St Helena and St Helena Tourism in London. Enterprise St Helena and St Helena Tourism Office, along with numerous St Helenian
saint cooks pop up ktchen

Bristol Pop Up Kitchen

Bristol Pop Up Kitchen In October we set up our first ever Saint Cooks Pop up Kitchen in Bristol! Taking part in the local community events in our adopted city Bristol has always been a treat for us. It's important to take part and get to know the people who
St Helena Fishcakes

Making Fishcakes with Ettie

Making Fishcakes with Ettie During a recent visit to the Island, we had a lovely afternoon making yummy fishcakes with the lovely Ettie Benjamin.  Ettie cooks for the Governor of St Helena at Plantation House, and we're very grateful to her for sharing her recipe and showing us how to
Biggest coconut finger

Biggest Coconut Finger Ever

Biggest Coconut Finger EVER! We've made the worlds biggest coconut finger” EVER!  Made for the St Helena Sports Day 2019 in Reading to be given away in a draw on Sunday afternoon.   We decided that for it to be called a 'true' coconut fingers, the cake needed to be one
Jacobs Ladder St Helena

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder in St Helena

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder One of the 7 wonders of St Helena, climbing Jacob's Ladder is spectacular. We've climbed it many times, but this is the first time filming the climb to share what it is like.  Depending on how fit you are, it is either torment, or exhilarating.  Either way
St Helena Mangoes

Eating St Helena Mangoes

Eating St Helena Mangoes You know when you've been Mangoed! Arrrr, the juicy, sweet, golden deliciousness that is mangoes.  We couldn't get enough of them when we were kids. We spent hours as kids climbing trees and eating mangoes over the school holidays.  I remember collecting armfuls of mangoes from
St Helena Cooking Book

St Helena Cooking Book

St Helena Cooking Book St Helena Cooking by Pamela M. Lawrence is the first ever traditional St Helena cookbook.  It is a beautiful book, filled with charm and insight into the island and its food at that time.  Unfortunately it is no longer in print and unavailable at the moment.

Stewed Medlems

Stewed Medlems Emma-Jane loves tart fruit. Medlems are really really tart. They grow all over St Helena and Emma-Jane loves them. Amazing tho, after eating them for many years she has never stewed them until now. Watch the video to learn if she liked them or not... Have you tried
Coconut Fingers

The Coconut Finger Challenge

St Helena’s Day 2019 Coconut Fingers is the greatest cake in the world! As part of our St Helena's Day celebrations this year we did something very special.  Something which has never been done before.  We had our very first Coconut Finger Challenge! How many Coconut Fingers could be eaten within