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One year anniversary

One year of Saint Cooks!

On the anniversary of what has been a year of learning for us, we’re made a list of what we’re learned.

  1. Do the things which you most enjoy.
  2. We still don’t know what we’re doing. And it’s ok.
  3. Need to be comfortable in front of the camera — so you can share your story and ideas.
  4. Working with your partner is both frustrating and the best!
  5. Explore new ideas which seem unrelated to your aims, as it feeds your creative energy.
  6. Whatever the idea, whatever you do, it will take longer than you think.
  7. Wouldn’t get everything you want to do —done. Not even close!
  8. People are very supportive 🙂
  9. Focus on wins. Ingore the loses.
  10. Always question what you’re doing. Can you do it better?
  11. Try not to become a slave to social media notifications.
  12. Creating content is never ending! Try to learn how to do less, but better.


…onto our second year 🙂


Emma-Jane & Robin

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