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St Helena Island James bay

January 2020 updates and news


2020 started with us unexpectedly watching a Craig David concert
on the BBC. Since then we’re been busy planning for some ambitions projects this year. Alongside continuing to promote the Island with new videos.

Last month we created our most complex video to date showing Where St Helena actually is, and why you should visit the Island. It was well received becoming out most shared video. It was a bit of a follow on to our Cost of Traveling to St Helena video.  We also shared How to make St Helena Pumpkin Pudding.  It’s easy to make, no special ingredients or skills needed, anyone can make this delicious soft and sweet treat.

We also shared more recipes over the festive period with the 12 Recipes of a St Helena Christmas  which included all the St Helena classics.  We had the pleasure of being guest of The St Helena Podcast, sharing our story and taking about what makes St Helena special.  We’re also been cooking of course.  Making some Bread and Butter Pudding, and enjoying some Saint fudge.

Bread and Butter pudding

On St Helena there has been lots happening to start of the year.  Firstly, there was the sad news that the Island’s Fisheries closed because of ongoing budget issues.  Hopefully the situation is sorted quickly for the local fishermen, as there doesn’t seem to be a clear path forward at present.  Also Bertrand’s Cottage closed. Meaning one less dining experience on the Island.

In more exciting news, St Helena welcomed historical Dan Snow, how was filming for a new show we think.  Also visiting was senior FCO official Sir Simon McDonald, who seemed to enjoy his visit.  The sailing race the World Arc Rally also visited St Helena last month.  Robin was involved in organising and welcoming the very first World Arc Rally to the Island over a decade ago now. However, the biggest visitors were the returning Whale Sharks.  We were to late to see them on our trip last year, but they are magnificent!  If you fancy seeing them yourself, more flights from Cape Town were announced.  Very exciting!

There were a few new films about St Helena from other folks as well.  Industry Nine created a film showing Mountain Biking One of the Most Remote Island On Earth.  While Freedom of Movement created a film about St Helena.  But Wendover Productions made a 45 minute film to show that St Helena has the World’s Most Useful Airport.  It is an in-depth look at the story of the St Helena Airport.

In wrapping up our first newsletter of the year we noticed this tweet.  St Helena has been engaged in the process of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site for a while now, we keep our fingers crossed it can become one!

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