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February 2020 updates and news


We leapt into a first during February (see what we did there, as its a leap year ūüėȬ†) we gave our first talk in Bristol promoting St Helena and what we are doing. Can see the talk here. If you know of anyone who would be interested in a talk let us know, as we can travel.

We shared a great new video about what it is like to Fly into St Helena.  Can see it below.  Check out what it is like to land at one of the most remote airports in the world.  It’s one of our favourite videos to date.

We also wrote an open letter to the St Helena Airport about making landing in St Helena more memorable.  We have a great response, and talked with St Helena Airport about possibly implementing some of the ideas in some form.  Great to know that someone is listening and open to ideas.

Alot of St Helena were shared as well.  These included some stunning photos of walks on the island.  St Helena is a walkers paradise. Wherever you look the views are breathtaking.  And for those you are lived in HTH, look how much it has changed.

Longwood Barn St Helena

St Helena continues to fascinate the world.  Oceanographic Magazine wrote a fabulous article, BBC History Extra wrote about Napoleon on St Helena, National Geographic interviewed Gretchen Johnson about her work researching human genetic and biological anthropology on the island, and The Article wrote about it being the Secret of the South Atlantic.

Elsewhere¬†there was a new stamp issue of the Seven Wonders of St Helena, and there was¬†an amazing pop up exhibition entitled ‚ÄúTreasured Saints‚ÄĚ showing paintings by Michel Dancoisne-Martineau. ¬†Also¬†there was the very first Engage Business Conference. Well done to everyone at Inside St Helena for organising it. ¬†The St Helena football Association is fundraising to send a team to the International Island Games in Guernsey next year, all support welcomed. As well as¬†the journey to resolve the fishing situation continues with the announcement of an Investor to the island to undertake fish processing. ¬†We hope this can be worked out as fishing is a key pillar of the Saint community, and without it community is eroded and lost.

And finally it is Whale shark season again on St Helena.  The St Helena National Trust organised the 2nd annual Bone Shark Festival.  They have messages of support from Princess Engenie and James Blunt. Amazing work by all!

Oh and you can now buy St Helena coffee in Fortnum and Mason. Its a bit expensive mine, but soooo good!

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