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St Helena Island Recipes

These are some of the most delicious, adaptable, and easy to make recipes in the world.  They required no special equipment or hard to find ingredients.  This is simple, straightforward authentic homecoming.

St Helena Island Plo


The greatest, most flexible one pot dish you can make, ever!

St Helena Coconut Fingers

The best cake in the world!

St Helena Fishcakes

So soft, they melt in the mouth as if you are floating in the ocean.

Pumpkin Pudding St Helena Island

A rich silky smooth, deliciously sweet spiced pudding.

Curry and Rice St Helena Island

A curry unlike any other curry you would have tasted.

Curry Puffs St Helena Island

One of these curry favoured pastries is never enough.

St Helena Pea Soup

Wholesome heartwarming soup filled with big favours.

Boiled Pudding St Helena

A rich silky smooth, deliciously sweet spiced pudding.

Stuffed Chow Chow

Water based vegetable which enhances favour.

What makes St Helena food so tasty
Who are The Saint Cooks